Confident Women Submission Guidelines

Confident Women Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Confident Women magazine. Following are guidelines for submitting content, including original articles, for consideration. Keep in mind that well-written articles and high quality photos with complete caption information will have a better chance of being included in our publication.


Articles should be educational, inspirational, or provide community awareness. They may not include a direct company endorsement and company names should not be used in the article. Any advertising benefit will come from having the writers’ name and company information at the conclusion of the article. (Note: If a company name appears in an article, it will be classified as an advertorial and a full- page ad rate will apply.)

Helpful tips:

  • Avoid the first person perspective.
  • Please write in a professional manner, using proper punctuation and grammar.
  • Should you require the assistance of a professional writer, please consult our member directory to locate one. If you are not a writer or do not have experience writing material for magazines, it may be worthwhile to hire a writer.
  • Word counts should be approximately 250 or 500 words, unless you have been specifically asked to write a longer feature article for the magazine.
  • Articles will be reviewed, and accepted or declined by our editorial team. However, all articles will be kept on file for consideration for future issues or for use on our Web sites.

Notable Achievements

If you’ve recently received an award, promotion, or reached a milestone in your career or personal life, please let us know. Notable Achievement submissions will be selected by the editor, based on the level of achievement and community advocacy, and will not specifically promote a product or service.


  • Photos may be used to illustrate an article if applicable. We also welcome photos of members participating in charitable and community activities.
  • Please submit high-resolution photographs in a .jpg format along with caption information.
  • Captions should include:
    · Names of all people within the photo and titles or affiliations, as applicable.
    · Name of event or setting.
    · Date of event or setting.
    · Purpose of event.
    · If a fundraiser, amount of money raised, legal name of the charity money was donated to and if appropriate, information about the charity.
    · If you are submitting a photo taken by a professional photographer, please include a copyright release by the photographer.
    · Photos of minor children under the age of 18 must include permission from their legal guardian, in writing, in order to be considered.
  • Submission Deadlines

    Submission deadlines may be provided via the WOAMTEC Facebook page, or you can inquire by contacting