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Welcome to WOAMTEC!

Thank you so much joining WOAMTEC! We are proud to have you as a member and hope to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Be sure to follow the steps below to make your membership the most effective:

» Please upload your professional corporate portrait (that has copyright release authorization) and company logo in jpeg (.jpg) or Bitmap (.bmp) .png or .gif format to your member profile. If you have questions or need assistance loading your images, please email me at

» Visit the events tab on the website to view a list of all the events and member only socials. Attendance is not mandatory but encouraged. This is more than networking. It is about building relationships and empowering your business with partnerships.

» Please add our proud member logo to your website and to your email correspondence to help increase your website search engines and visibility and to encourage your prospects to be a part of WOAMTEC as well.

» Please log-in to the Member Only section to review/edit your Member Profile. Your member profile feeds the Member Only Directory so make sure your information is accurate!

» Please add anything “” to your email address book. This will ensure that you will receive any and all of our email correspondence from our Corporate offices.

» Make sure “Like” us on Facebook!

If you need assistance or have a question, don’t hesitate to ask! You can reach me at or at 727-244-2680.



Online Store


Name Tags 

Available in two color styles with magnetic attachment
» Gold Name Tag, $10.50 each USD

 » Silver Name Tag, $10.50 each USD

Order 2 Name Tags & SAVE! $18/set USD
» Set of Silver Name Tags, $19/set USD

» Set of Gold Name Tags, $19/set USD

 » Set of 1 Gold & 1 Silver Name Tags, $19/set USD



Bling T-Shirt & Hat

» Clear Rhinstones spell “WOAMTEC”
» Bling t-shirt in black, $25/each USD

» Bling t-shirt in white, $25/each USD

» Bling hat, $20/each USD

» Bling hat and t-shirt combo (black only), $40 USD

Golf Shirt


» Logo golf shirt, $25/each USD







Hoodie & Pants

» Women’s hoodie and pant set with WOAMTEC logo embroidered on hoodie cotton/poly blend with zipper and pockets
» $50/set USD

» $35 for hoodie only USD







Member Logo

Please download and use the WOAMTEC “Proud Member” logo. We encourage you to use it on your email, on your business card and in your advertising. To save the the image, click on the image with the right button on your mouse/touchpad, select “save picture as” in the menu and save to your computer.

join step 2 body:

Explain the process by which the member needs to visit the shopping cart to purchase a membership (this page will probably also include links to said cart).


[When the admin gets the purchase notification email from the shopping cart system, they will call them to discuss their chapter and category options; and subsequently ‘bind’ them using the Profile Editor.]

For Directors Only

WELCOME to the Director Only Portion of the WOAMTEC corporate website.

Thank you for being a valuable member of our Leadership team. We look forward to working with you and appreciate your role in our goal to help empower women, build businesses and strengthen communities Nationwide. We have designed several options on this site to help make your duties easier.

THE IDEAL Director devotes at least 12-15 hours a month to successfully market and run her chapter. She either does these activities herself or surrounds herself with wonderful Ambassadors who can assist. Ideally, many of these tasks are tasks they already do in their career. Time includes:

» 6 hours of actual meeting time
» 1 hour a week to Facebook, Constant Contact, and send personal emails to members/prospects
» 2 hours a month at local networking events, chamber functions, or community expos
» At least 3 hours a month to distribute invitations, meet other business owners, pass out magazines and get to know your community

Please let us know if we can be of assistance by calling 866-757-2611. Thank you again for believing in our vision and mission.

Best wishes,

Kiki Koymarianos, Owner/CEO


Training Manual

Click here to download the Executive Director’s Resource Guide


Video Training

Member Profile | Dir. OnlyTraining Manual | Dir. Shopping Cart | Resource Materials | Logos

Chapter Director Website Tutorial – How to add/edit chapter introduction page and events – 12:40

 *NOTE – You  can enlarge the video to full screen by clicking on the button with the four arrows in the bottom right corner of the video player. The image will not be as crisp but the mouse clicks are easier to see. You can also watch it directly on YouTube by clicking on the YouTube logo in the bottom right of the video image.

Next, we want you to see what an actual WOAMTEC meeting looks like. While each director has

their own style, this can give you an example of what to do.


 Now Click below and complete each chapter for additional training.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Directors Shopping Cart

WOAMTEC Red Shopping Bags 

Oxo-biodegradable bag is 3.0 mil thick with die-cut handles, ideal for lighter weight items.  Great for job fair grab bags, parade goody bags, convention literature handouts, race day supplies and much more. The bag safely decomposes in as little as three years, whether it finds its way to a managed landfill or it accidentally ends up in the water, the ditch line or any other outdoor environment. The bags degrade when exposed to heat, sunlight or microorganisms and do not emit any dangerous methane. The bags should be used within three years of purchase and stored in a climate-controlled location.   Made in the USA.   Size: 12″ x 9″.
$4.50 per dozen




These WOAMTEC Branded pens are perfect to pass out and to display at your sign in table.


10 for $7.00


Having an event? Want to give a gift to your speaker or new members? Now Directors have the ability to purchase Recycle Gift Bags to dress your gift up with class. 10 pack ONLY $15.00!

10 for $15.00






WOAMTEC Table Runner

Dress up your registration table with this corporate branded table runner.   



Respond with style with your WOAMTEC Notecards.  Pack of 10 cards with envelops  plus tax and shipping.