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Women On A Mission To Earn Commission

If you have a successful career, a family, and other obligations, this is the business building group for you. Our goal is to build a positive networking atmosphere where seasoned, professional businesswomen can come together to share ideas, offer support, and create solid business alliances. We are more than a networking organization–we are a premier business organization for professional businesswomen. Our goal is to help build your business and strengthen your community.


Frequently Asked Questions

» Why is the woman in the logo holding a wine glass?
» Is the woman in the logo someone specific?
» Can men join WOAMTEC?
» Do you have to be a specific faith to join?
» Can I join more than one category?
» What makes WOAMTEC different from other networking groups and why should I join today?
» What does the membership fee go towards and why can’t we just meet ourselves? 

Why is the woman in the logo holding a wine glass?
Actually, she isn’t–it is an iced tea glass…thus the reason for the lemon and straw. Interesting fact: the glass is a replica of the actual glass the Italian restaurant used on the day of the first meeting. It is to be symbolic of a business women, having lunch at a classy venue. Many people have questioned it being a wine glass. It is not, though we like the fact that the logo has made people stop and remember it enough to raise a little controversy!

Is the women in the logo someone specific?
Our graphics designer, Diane Vivian, was actually inspired after watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. When I told her what type of women we wanted to attract, Audrey Hepburn was the perfect inspiration to begin the creation of our WOAMTEC woman…a woman of style and class, who is a philanthropist for children!

Can men join WOAMTEC?
Yes, by law, we cannot legally discriminate. So our slogan is…“Men welcome…WOMEN REQUIRED!” Please be advised, WOAMTEC corporate promotes the company as the premier business building organization for professional business women. Although we can gear all of our advertisements promoting ourselves as women’s organization, we are not legally able to discriminate against an applicant based on color, race, national origin, gender or disability. Therefore, if a gentleman shows up at a meeting, you should remind him it is a networking group promoted for women, but they are welcome to attend. Explain that even though men are welcome, the majority of our membership may be more receptive to their products or services if they attend for the first time with a female representative or even a current WOAMTEC member.

Do you have to be of a specific faith to be a member?
No. It is our goal to work together to attract women of integrity and faith. By bridging the differences of people in the world, we work with passion and purpose to build stronger communities.

Can I join more than one category?
Individuals may apply for acceptance into one or more categories in each chapter. Category Exclusivity gives an individual the ability to lock in a single chapter category (or categories) and market that category product or single service to their chapter. Their WOAMTEC category should represent a majority percentage of their business.  Promotion and marketing includes their 60 second infomercial, spotlight vendor showcase once every 6 months, and distribution of pertinent category related materials at meetings. Individuals cannot discuss, promote or distribute promotional materials promoting goods or services outside of their category at or during a WOAMTEC event. Many of our members have multiple business interests. For the purposes of WOAMTEC and its functions, members should only promote and discuss their interests in the category in which they have been accepted. For instance, if a member is accepted in the Jewelry category, but also sells real estate on the side, they are only allowed to promote and market the Jewelry business at WOAMTEC functions. If member wishes to promote more than one category, they may choose to purchase a second category, if not already filled. Once the most popular categories are filled and the membership of a chapter reaches approximately 35, with a waiting list of women waiting to join a WOAMTEC chapter in that area; corporate will evaluate opening up a new chapter location to develop additional networking opportunities.

What makes WOAMTEC different from any other networking group out there and why should I join today?
Well for starters, though there are other women’s networking groups, WOAMTEC is different because we focus on surrounding ourselves with positive, proactive, successful women who believe in keeping their Priorities of Faith, Family and Career in order. 

Annual Membership includes:
» Exclusive category rights during your chapter meeting with no direct competition.
» Ability to invite or send any representative from your office to attend the meeting (if you are unable to attend).
» A fabulous national convention.
» Bi-monthly lunch meetings to present your “60 second infomercial” at the chapter event.
» Empowering training programs.
» National exposure via WOAMTEC website
» Member only online directory allowing you to interact with over 1,000 Professional Business Women!
» Member only socials to benefit WOAMTEC’S new Courage to Dream non-profit.
» National exposure via public directory.
» Member only forums, products, and educational webinars and workshops.

What does the membership fee go towards and why can’t we just meet ourselves? Why do we have to go through WOAMTEC?
Being a part of WOAMTEC Corporate helps give you the tools and resources needed to meet the people who will help grow your business. Membership not only gives you exclusive rights to your category within your chapter, but part of your dues are invested in marketing your chapter to keep you meeting new people at every meeting. Corporate invests thousands of dollars each month on:
» Marketing materials like brochures or Join Us For Lunch cards so you have an easy introduction tool.
» IT support to draw traffic to the website, increasing our traffic by thousands each month. Getting your public profile viewed by more! We have been viewed by people in more than 52 countries and in every state.                  » Consistent branding, advertising and media support via social media campaigns, billboards, magazine print ads and direct mail advertisements.
» Access to thousands of WOAMTEC women via our National Directory. You have a need, we have a resource.
» Ongoing training and educational support by the WOAMTEC corporate leadership team.

We do the WORK….so you can meet the PEOPLE! Together we empower women, build businesses and strengthen communities.


Speaking Demo Video

Back to Our Founder | Testimonials Kathleen’s Keynote/Seminar Topics | Speaking Fees

Speaking Fees

Back to Our Founder|Testimonials] Kathleen’s Keynote/Seminar Topics|Speaking Demo Video

Fee Range $7500-$10,000

Based on rates for keynote presentations in the contiguous United States and are subject to change without notice. Fees may be higher or lower for half-day, full-day or training programs and workshops, as well as non-profit rates. For exact fees and program rates, please contact   WOAMTEC Media at 866-757-2611.

Please bear in mind that if travel is required, expenses for the day prior to the meeting or the day after the meeting may be required. If necessary, the organization is required to absorb all expenses. Fees are only secured for up to two months from the date the speaker’s package has been issued. Prices are subject to change at WOAMTEC Media’s discretion and are only secured once all paperwork has been completed. All agreements must be submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to event.

More than just NETWORKING, WOAMTEC is the PREMIER BUSINESS BUILDING ORGANIZATION for you and your business.

  Are you ready to take advantage of all our Member Benefits?


WOAMTEC Members receive exclusive category rights during your chapter meeting with no direct competition. Bi -monthly lunch meetings to present your “60 second infomercial” at the chapter event.   as a Member, you can visit any of our chapters Nationwide as a guest and actively participate in open   networking. Instant friends and support Nationwide. Unite thousands of professional, successful, passionate women, and imagine what you can accomplish!

WOAMTEC Confident Women Publication. Members have the opportunity to submit notable achievements, articles, and photos for consideration in the publication and receive discounted advertising opportunities. Confident Women is packed with valuable tips, insights, and strategies to accelerate your business to the next level.

WOAMTEC Annual Members also get special access to online videos containing powerful information from experts in business, marketing, life coaching, finance, and so much more.

WOAMTEC Members Rights – Members will have exclusive rights to display the proud Member logo. Use it on your business cards, brochures, website, etc. You’ll have a soft open introduction to thousands of other businesses to make immediate connections. As WOAMTEC continues to grow Nationwide, you’ll continue to be able to expand your network of sharp, professional women to reach out to for advice, training, mentorship, partnerships, etc.

WOAMTEC As a WOAMTEC member, you will be able to sign up to receive a WOAMTEC decal for your storefront and offer discounts and promotions to other members. We are currently working on a growing list of businesses who offer discounts on goods and services to our members.

WOAMTEC Member of the Week- Each week, Corporate picks one member from our Membership to give extra special recognition . We share your business and your story with the WORLD on our website and other social marketing opportunities. Though, with over 1000 members in WOAMTEC, we can’t feature all our members in a year, the longer you are a loyal member, the more likely you will be selected to benefit from this FREE advertisement opportunity!

WOAMTEC Member Only Access – You’ll have access to a ton of valuable online tools at . Articles, videos, and “Members Only” directory, just to name a few. The private, members-only website will be your instant resource for business connections with thousands of people. With your unique username and password, you’ll be able to quickly tap into the power of the WOAMTEC network!

WOAMTEC Members Listing in the Public Directory Online- You can track your WOAMTEC stats by using Google analytics to show how much traffic is coming your way….WOAMTEC website has been hit by hundreds of thousands of people in every state in the Nation and over 53 countries WORLDWIDE. As we grow Nationwide, non-WOAMTEC members will use the public directory to meet professional, positive, successful business owners. You could have thousands of people contacting you for nearly a dollar a day!

WOAMTEC women like WOAMTEC WOMEN. They understand what the Greater Commissions in Life are all about! Instant connection, no matter where you live with positive, spiritual, professional women!

As a WOAMTEC Member, you have the ability to invite or send any representative from your office to attend the meeting as a guest of yours or to represent you if you are unable to attend. We have no rules (some etiquette) but if you are unable to attend, we don’t ask you to leave, we ask how we can help!

             WOAMTEC, we take the work out of networking for you!

how to start a chapter in your area


 Our Mission

WOAMTEC intends to expand into new regions as quickly as possible to help more women succeed in business and to increase revenue opportunities through conferences, seminars, and workshops. However, we do not believe in hiring someone as a Director simply because she desires to be one. Our Directors are compensated for their success, however, most do not care about the money. They enjoy being around people, are people magnets, and are committed to promoting WOAMTEC’s philosophy of faith, family and career!


Our IDEAL Director:


  • Has a background in sales.
  • Owns her own business or has a flexible work schedule.
  • Is able to devote at least 10-15 hours a month to successfully market and
    run her chapter.
  • Has a passion for her community and is already involved with a non-profit
    as a volunteer or has a strong desire to get involved.
  • Is well-connected in her community socially, through other professional
    networks, Chambers of Commerce and organizations.
  • Has an established email database with at least 400 contacts.
  • Makes a positive impression when one meets her (she likes to smile!).
  • Dresses professionally.
  • Has good computer skills and knows how to create emails, email
    distribution lists, and understands marketing software like Constant
    Contact, etc.
  • Has polished and effective verbal skills, speaks clearly, and is not
    afraid to stand up in front of a crowd.
  • Is organized and efficient.
  • Has a desire to serve others and enjoys being a mentor.
  • Is self-motivated, has high energy, and is seen as being on the move and a

Possesses a clear and passionate faith and understands that faith plays a
key role in her life. (Her faith does not have to be overt) However, without
this quality, she will struggle with attracting the type of women who excel
within WOAMTEC.

If you are interested in partnering with us and are able to represent
WOAMTEC with the utmost enthusiasm and integrity to create an environment
where women can help each other to grow their businesses, we want to hear
from you!

Please call 727-244-2680 or email for more information
about a launching a chapter in your area.

Membership Pricing/Levels

1. General Membership
2. Corporate Membership

3. Charter Membership

1. General Membership – $185/6 months or $300/annual USD

A general, 6-month membership is available to each successful businesswoman who joins per category, per chapter, at a cost of $185 for six months or $300 for the year. USD

» Categories will be reviewed and approved or declined by the WOAMTEC corporate office. Based on your category and business, additional information such as business descriptions and marketing material, occupational license, or member referrals, may be requested. This is designed to uphold our mission statement and the current Code of Ethics policy.

» Membership exclusivity gives you the ability to lock in a single chapter category for the right to promote and market that category product or single service to your chapter in a 60-second infomercial or a spotlight presentation and distribute pertinent materials at the meetings.

» Membership includes the right to attend the weekly meetings, seminars, conventions, social activities, and training programs as they are offered, the right to engage in direct mail marketing with other members and to receive nationwide Directory exposure in the Confident Women Directory on the WOAMTEC™ website. You can attend two meetings total as a guest before needing to join as a member.


2. Corporate Firm/Practice/Industry Membership – $800/annual USD

Corporate memberships are available! Ideal for Law Firms, Medical Practices, Spas, and members who want to promote several different products and or services at one specific Chapter meeting blocking out a more extensive group of competition or join with one category at 3 different chapter locations. WOAMTEC Corporate memberships are $800 annually. Saving you $100 and giving you more benefits for your investment.

Corporate Membership includes- all the traditional benefits and MORE:

» Exclusivity in three major category fields or three different chapters, a banner ad and link on our WOAMTEC home page and 3 separate company listings in both the public and private directory. PLUS, a highlighted ad in Confident Women Magazine, a National Publication. As well as, 15% off advertising in Confident women magazine, and up to 3-60-second infomercials at each Chapter meeting.

» Category options are based on availability and determined by the Corporate Leadership team.

» Categories selections are determined by the following criteria: current members, experts in the fields, and State Licensing regulations and suggestion field groupings.

Contact WOAMTEC Corporate on information regarding this type of membership to determine categories and options available to you. Some examples of options may be:

Spa could be- Massage, Hair, Nails
Lawyer could be three different law categories
Financial services person could be- financial services, life and health insurance, property casualty
Accounting could be- CPA, bookkeeping, and payroll
Gym could be- personal trainer, yoga, group fitness


3. Charter – $75 /3 months- New Chapters ONLY – With Approval USD

Be a part of our chapter as a charter member of WOAMTEC. Be a part of the excitement and BLOCK your competition by joining prior to our official launch. Charter members can be founding members, by joining prior to our official launch date for only $75. That is right, they can secure a 3-month trial membership and get immediate access to our members, visibility on our website, and secure your category while we are building the chapter! Plus, you will have immediate access to all of our benefits for only $75! Charter memberships can be secured by calling 866-757-2611 prior to the official launch of the chapter.


Once all business categories are filled within a chapter, we will open another chapter to develop new networking opportunities. Memberships are non-refundable. WOAMTEC reserves the right to deactivate any member at any time. Please see the Membership Application for a complete list of membership rules and regulations.

Don’t See a Chapter in your area? Become a WOAMTEC Chapter Director!