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WOAMTEC Foundation

Imagine being 18, living a life of ABUSE, NEGLECT, and ABANDONMENT.

No Job, No Home, No Car, No Family Support System. Where do you turn? Who do you call?

Foster care is a cycle in many families. A cycle of victimization and abuse. Kathleen and Jeff Hawkins met Brandon Hawkins when he was two days old. The couple picked him up at a Department of Children and Families office in Pine Hills, Florida. The Hawkins officially adopted Brandon when he was five months old. Brandon has six siblings he will never meet. His mother, a 22-year-old, gave birth to seven children, then lost her parental rights. Brandon’s mother herself grew up in foster care. The WOAMTEC Foundation seeks to end this cycle of victimization and failure.


It is the goal of the WOAMTEC FOUNDATION to empower women and young adults with the Courage to Dream. Our Courage to Dream Campaign first teaches young adults who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned through no fault of their own how to participate in the Courage to Dream Challenge. Then, we give them immediate access to mentorship, tools, and resources to help them achieve their goals by connecting them with business leaders throughout their community. A graduate of this program will not only be inspired, educated, and motivated to break the cycle of victimization, but they will obtain a lifeline of support and tools to continue to strive for success and achieve their goals.

WOAMTEC Foundation Provides Empowerment Tools to Women and Children:

We work with our partners to provide WOAMTEC Foundation’s Courage to Dream Challenge. Our foundation recipients, who are teens aging out of the foster care system, children and young adults, and victims of domestic violence and other forms of abuse, complete a 40-day reflective journey of self-discovery through WOAMTEC Foundation’s Courage to Dream Challenge. Throughout the challenge, individuals begin to define their unique voice and dreams, build self-confidence and set goals necessary to embrace the opportunity and a new life free of victimization; a life of personal empowerment. WOAMTEC Foundation teaches through example by using the personal experiences, knowledge, and teachings of the members who have overcome challenges and achieved success. Our Courage to Dream participants learn first-hand the personal value of living a DREAM:

» Dare to dream big;

» Realize you control your future;

» Empower your success inside and out;

» All it takes is courage; and

» Make a choice to change your life. 

Through our partner agencies, we build, train, and empower Dream Leaders with the opportunity to implement the Courage to Dream Challenge to the women and children they are mentoring within their group home, independent living program, or domestic violence shelter. 

After completion of the Courage to Dream Challenge, all participants receive a diploma and additional resources become available to WOAMTEC Foundation recipients. Those resources include internships and potential career opportunities with WOAMTEC networking group’s membership base and our corporate and private partners.

We would love to have your support. Please donate today.

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Faith, Family & Career Pendant 

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