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Why is the woman in the logo holding a wine glass?
Actually, she isn't—it is an iced tea glass … thus the reason for the lemon and straw. Interesting fact: the glass is a replica of the actual glass the Italian restaurant used on the day of the first meeting. It is to be symbolic of a business woman, having lunch at a classy venue. Many people have questioned it being a wine glass. It is not, though we like the fact that the logo has made people stop and remember it enough to raise a little controversy!
Is the women in the logo someone specific?
Our graphics designer, Diane Vivian, was actually inspired after watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. When I told her what type of women we wanted to attract, Audrey Hepburn was the perfect inspiration to begin the creation of our WOAMTEC woman … a woman of style and class, who is a philanthropist for children!
Can men join WOAMTEC?
Yes, by law, we cannot legally discriminate. So our slogan is … “Men welcome … WOMEN REQUIRED!” Please be advised, WOAMTEC corporate promotes the company as the premier business building organization for professional business women. Although we can gear all of our advertisements promoting ourselves as a women’s organization, we are not legally able to discriminate against an applicant based on color, race, national origin, gender or disability. Therefore, if a gentleman shows up at a meeting, you should remind him it is a networking group promoted for women, but they are welcome to attend. Explain that even though men are welcome, the majority of our membership may be more receptive to their products or services if they attend for the first time with a female representative or even a current WOAMTEC member.
Do you have to be of a specific faith to be a member?
No. It is our goal to work together to attract women of integrity and faith. By bridging the differences of people in the world, we work with passion and purpose to build stronger communities.
Can I join more than one category?

Individuals may apply for acceptance into one or more categories in each chapter. Category Exclusivity gives an individual the ability to lock in a single chapter category (or categories) and market that category product or single service to their chapter. Their WOAMTEC category should represent a majority percentage of their business.

Promotion and marketing includes their 60 second infomercial, spotlight vendor showcase once every 6 months, and distribution of pertinent category-related materials at meetings. Individuals cannot discuss, promote or distribute promotional materials promoting goods or services outside of their category at or during a WOAMTEC event.

Many of our members have multiple business interests. For the purposes of WOAMTEC and its functions, members should only promote and discuss their interests in the category in which they have been accepted. For instance, if a member is accepted in the Jewelry category, but also sells real estate on the side, they are only allowed to promote and market the Jewelry business at WOAMTEC functions.

If member wishes to promote more than one category, they may choose to purchase a second category, if not already filled.

Once the most popular categories are filled and the membership of a chapter reaches approximately 35, with a waiting list of women waiting to join a WOAMTEC chapter in that area; corporate will evaluate opening up a new chapter location to develop additional networking opportunities.

What makes WOAMTEC different from any other networking group out there and why should I join today?

Well for starters, though there are other women’s networking groups, WOAMTEC is different because we focus on surrounding ourselves with positive, proactive, successful women who believe in keeping their Priorities of Faith, Family and Career in order.

Annual Membership includes:

  • Exclusive category rights during your chapter meeting with no direct competition.
  • Ability to invite or send any representative from your office to attend the meeting (if you are unable to attend).
  • A fabulous national convention. » Bi-monthly lunch meetings to present your “60 second infomercial” at the chapter event.
  • Empowering training programs.
  • National exposure via WOAMTEC website
  • Member only online directory allowing you to interact with over 1,000 Professional Business Women!
  • Member only socials to benefit WOAMTEC’S new Courage to Dream non-profit.
  • National exposure via public directory.
  • Member only forums, products, and educational webinars and workshops.
What does the membership fee go towards and why can’t we just meet ourselves? Why do we have to go through WOAMTEC?
Being a part of WOAMTEC Corporate helps give you the tools and resources needed to meet the people who will help grow your business. Membership not only gives you exclusive rights to your category within your chapter, but part of your dues are invested in marketing your chapter to keep you meeting new people at every meeting. Corporate invests thousands of dollars each month on:
  • Marketing materials like brochures or Join Us For Lunch cards so you have an easy introduction tool.
  • IT support to draw traffic to the website, increasing our traffic by thousands each month. Getting your public profile viewed by more! We have been viewed by people in more than 52 countries and in every state.
  • Consistent branding, advertising and media support via social media campaigns, billboards, magazine print ads and direct mail advertisements.
  • Access to thousands of WOAMTEC women via our National Directory. You have a need, we have a resource.
  • Ongoing training and educational support by the WOAMTEC corporate leadership team.

We do the WORK….so you can meet the PEOPLE!
Together we empower women, build businesses and strengthen communities.

Business networking luncheons and meet-ups.  Phone: 727-244-2680