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Category Exclusivity

WOAMTEC Members receive exclusive category rights during your chapter meeting with no direct competition. Bi -monthly lunch meetings to present your “60 second infomercial” at the chapter event. as a Member, you can visit any of our chapters Nationwide as a guest and actively participate in open networking. Instant friends and support Nationwide. Unite with thousands of professional, successful, passionate women, and imagine what you can accomplish!

Confident Women Publication

WOAMTEC Confident Women Publication. Members have the opportunity to submit notable achievements, articles, and photos for consideration in the publication and receive discounted advertising opportunities. Confident Women is packed with valuable tips, insights, and strategies to accelerate your business to the next level.

Online Videos

WOAMTEC Annual Members also get special access to online videos containing powerful information from experts in business, marketing, life coaching, finance, and so much more.

Logo Usage Rights

WOAMTEC Members Rights – Members will have exclusive rights to display the proud Member logo. Use it on your business cards, brochures, website, etc. You’ll have a soft open introduction to thousands of other businesses to make immediate connections. As WOAMTEC continues to grow Nationwide, you’ll continue to be able to expand your network of sharp, professional women to reach out to for advice, training, mentorship, partnerships, etc.

Member Discounts and Promotions

WOAMTEC As a WOAMTEC member, you will be able to sign up to receive a WOAMTEC decal for your storefront and offer discounts and promotions to other members. We are currently working on a growing list of businesses who offer discounts on goods and services to our members.

Member of the Week

WOAMTEC Member of the Week. Each week, Corporate picks one member from our Membership to give extra special recognition. We share your business and your story with the WORLD on our website and other social marketing opportunities. Though, with over 1000 members in WOAMTEC, we can’t feature all our members in a year, the longer you are a loyal member, the more likely you will be selected to benefit from this FREE advertisement opportunity!

Member-Only Website Sections

WOAMTEC Member Only Access – You’ll have access to a ton of valuable online tools at Articles, videos, and “Members Only” directory, just to name a few. The private, members-only website will be your instant resource for business connections with thousands of people. With your unique username and password, you’ll be able to quickly tap into the power of the WOAMTEC network!

Member Listing the Public Online Directory

WOAMTEC  Members Listing in the Public Directory Online- You can track your WOAMTEC stats by using Google analytics to show how much traffic is coming your way ... WOAMTEC website has been hit by hundreds of thousands of people in every state in the Nation and over 53 countries WORLDWIDE. As we grow Nationwide, non-WOAMTEC members will use the public directory to meet professional, positive, successful business owners. You could have thousands of people contacting you for nearly a dollar a day!


WOAMTEC women like WOAMTEC WOMEN. They understand what the Greater Commissions in Life are all about! Instant connection, no matter where you live with positive, spiritual, professional women!

Member Representative

As a WOAMTEC Member, you have the ability to invite or send any representative from your office to attend the meeting as a guest of yours or to represent you if you are unable to attend. We have no rules (some etiquette) but if you are unable to attend, we don’t ask you to leave, we ask how we can help!

Business networking luncheons and meet-ups.  Phone: 727-244-2680